Group 225 Staff

Maj Julio Pastoriza, Group Commander
Lt Col Madeline Maldonado, Deputy Group Commander
1st Lt Anna Filipkowski, Public Affairs Officer

Group 225 Meetings are held at the discretion of the Commander, either in-person or via teleconference. 
Uniform for the in-person meetings are any authorized CAP Uniform.
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Staff MemberTitle
Staff MemberTitle
Maj Julio Pastoriza Commander 
2d Lt Lourdes Caban  Finance Officer 
1st Lt Anna Filipkowski Public Affairs Officer 
2d Lt Aurora Caban  Administrative Officer 
Maj William Stockham Safety Officer (ADY) 
1st Lt Anna Filipkowski Professional Development Officer 
Lt Col Bruce Brown Aerospace Education Officer 
2d Lt Timothy M Reid Testing Officer 
Lt Col Madeline Maldonado Deputy Group Commander 
Lt Col Bruce Brown Advisor to the Commander 
Maj Julio Pastoriza Personnel Officer 
2d Lt Henry Hayes Logistics/Supply Officer 
Capt Andrew Baron Communications Officer (ADY) 
1st Lt Andrew Tabussi Health Services Officer 
Lt Col Harvey Gonzales Cadet Programs Officer 
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